Are Open Floor Plans Out of Style?

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Open concepts were all the rage for a long time. Today, we're seeing more families looking for separate spaces to delineate various aspects of their lives. If you've been debating what floor plan is right for you, you may want to consider the alternatives to open floor plans. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Living Room Retreat 

In an open-concept home, the living space and kitchen are all part of one large area. Today, we're seeing more people want to retreat to a living room space separate from the other areas of the home. Some homeowners choose a hybrid approach with a pass-through or tucked-in kitchen to separate the spaces.

Multipurpose Dining Room

The formal dining room went out of fashion with the open floor plan's rise, but it's making a comeback. The big trend we see today is the increased use of a multipurpose dining room space. It may be used for a library, gaming space, gathering area or more.

Rezoning Open Space

If you do have an open space and want to provide a more zoned feel, there are ways you can adjust your furniture to give the impression you want. Use dividers to section off areas of the room. You can use the positioning of furniture, such as a sofa in the middle of the room rather than against the wall, to rezone open space.

Nooks and Pods

Another popular trend is the use of nooks and pods to give small, intimate private spaces a showcase in your home. Reading nooks, for example, can be built within an existing bay window structure. Or using unconventional space, such as the area under a staircase, can give you a private feeling.

What floor plan do you envision for your new home? Give me a call today to discuss your vision!